THURSDAY, Aug 23, 2018

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Main Conference
Time Session  

Location: KC 204



Room: KC 203



Room: KC 203



Walid Maalej

Beyond DevOps: Finding Value through Requirements


Gail Murphy

University of British Columbia


10:30-11:00 Networking Break

Elicitation and Interviews

Room: KC 301



Michael Panis

R27: Learning from Mistakes: An Empirical Study of Elicitation Interviews performed by Novices.
Muneera Bano, Didar Zowghi, Alessio Ferrari, Paola Spoletini and Beatrice Donati

JF1: Effect of Domain Knowledge on Elicitation Effectiveness: An Internally Replicated Controlled Experiment.
Alejandrina M. Aranda, Oscar Dieste, and Natalia Juristo

R82: Efficiency and Effectiveness of Requirements Elicitation Techniques for Children.
Jennifer Horkoff, Jerker Ersare, Jonas Kahler, Thorsteinn Jorundsson and Imed Hammouda

User- and Feedback-Driven RE

Room: KC 303



Irit Hadar



R75: Towards Ubiquitous RE: A Perspective on Requirements Engineering in the Era of Digital Transformation.
Karina Villela, Anne Hess, Matthias Koch, Rodrigo Falcao, Eduard Groen, Joerg Doerr, Carol Valero and Achim Ebert

I164: Focusing Requirements Elicitation by Using a UX Measurement Method.
Kyoko Ohashi, Asako Katayama, Naoki Hasegawa, Hidetoshi Kurihara, Rieko Yamamoto, Joerg Doerr and Dominik Pascal Magin

R76: FAME: Supporting Continuous Requirements Elicitation by Combining User Feedback and Monitoring.
Marc Oriol Hilari, Melanie Stade, Farnaz Fotrousi, Sergi Nadal, Jovan Varga, Norbert Seyff, Alberto Abello, Xavier Franch, Jordi Marco and Oleg Schmidt


Specification and Modeling in RE

Room: KC 305



Birgit Penzenstadler

N217: Reflection on Evolutionary Decision Making with Goal Modeling via Empirical Studies.
Alicia M. Grubb

N170: The Ability of an Engineer to Extract Requirements from Models.
Ronald Giachetti, Karen Holness and Mollie McGuire

N185: CaRE: A Refinement Calculus for Requirements Engineering Based on Argumentation Semantics.
Yehia Elrakaiby, Alessio Ferrari and John Mylopoulos

12:30-14:00 Lunch Break (Lunch at Vistas Dining Room will be provided up to 13:30)

Understanding and Visualization

Room: KC 301



Jaelson Castro

R39: On the Impact of Semantic Transparency on Understanding and Reviewing Social Goal Models.
Mafalda Santos, Catarina Gralha, Miguel Goulão, João Araújo and Ana Moreira

JF2: The Role of Distances in Requirements Communication: A Case Study.
Elizabeth Bjarnason, and Helen Sharp

R112: An Experimental Comparison of Two Navigation Techniques for Requirements Modeling Tools.
Parisa Ghazi and Martin Glinz

Requirements Quality

Room: KC 303



Mehrdad Sabetzadeh

I156: Towards Development of Complete and Conflict-Free Requirements.
Abha Moitra, Kit Siu, Andrew Crapo, Harsh Chamarthi, Michael Durling, Meng Li, Han Yu, Panagiotis Manolios and Michael Meiners

I192: Industrial Requirements Classification for Redundancy and Inconsistency Detection in SEMIOS.
Manel Mezghani, Juyeon Kang and Florence Sedes

Data Showcase and Data Challenge

Room: KC 305



Maleknaz Nayebi

D243: Utilizing Product Usage Data for Evaluating Requirement Offerings, Data Show Case.
Ashkan Hemmati, S M Didar Al Alam and Chris Carlson

D245: Requirement Engineering of Software Product Lines: Extracting Variability using NLP, Data Challenge.
Alessandro Fantechi, Alessio Ferrari, Stefania Gnesi and Laura Semini

D246: The REquirements TRacing On target (RETRO).NET Dataset, Data Show Case.
Jane Hayes, Jared Payne, and Alexander Dekhtyar

D247: Automatic Glossary Term Extraction from Large-Scale Requirements Specifications, Data Challenge.
Tim Gemkow, Miro Conzelmann, Kerstin Hartig and Andreas Vogelsang

D248: Towards a Corpus of Requirements Documents Enriched with Semantic Frame Annotations, Data show case.
Waad Alhoshan, Riza Batista-Navarro and Liping Zhao

15:30-16:00 Networking Break with Poster Booth

User and Market Analysis

Room: KC 301



Liliana Pasquale

R37: Modeling User Concerns in the App Store: A Case Study on the Rise and Fall of Yik Yak.
Grant Williams and Anas Mahmoud

R88: Customer Rating Reactions Can Be Predicted Purely Using App Features.
Federica Sarro, Mark Harman, Yue Jia, Yuanyuan Zhang

Most Influencial Paper -

10 Years After

Room: KC 303



Xavier Franch

Extracting and Modeling Product Line Functional Requirements.
Nan Niu, Steve Easterbrook


Data Driven Requirements Engineering: Implications and Challenges for the Community

Room: KC 305



Maleknaz Nayebi


    • Maleknaz Nayebi



    • Alessio Ferrari
    • Daniel Mendez
    • Shiva Nejati
    • David Callele
    • Seok-Won Lee
    • Anna Perini
17:45 Busses depart from the Banff Centre in front of the Professional Development Centre
18:00-23:00 Dinner, Community Awards at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise